Although trained as a biologist and researcher, and after working in this field for several years, Marloes chooses to explore the field of photography. It was mainly after her second child was born that she started to combine pre-existing photo’s and sculp them into new imagerie. At first she used new and pre-existing images of her own children to make new images, but later also flowers and other children appeared.

Her images consist of dozens of photos and layers that have been carefully digitally manipulated. Marloes has been experimenting with Photoshop for several years. She does not stop until the image is exacly as she thinks it should be. In her digital manipulation she uses soft colors and litte contrast. This results in photos with a painterly touch. Marloes searches for a certain softness and tranquility in het images. Her portraits radiate a softness and mysteriousness but also an uncanny feeling. For her they are about displaying an inner strength, separate from other people but in a physical bodily world.

Marloes Moraal lives and works in Utrecht.

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